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Why Buddhism: Westerners in Search of Wisdom

by Vicki MacKenzie

Buy the book: Vicki MacKenzie. Why Buddhism: Westerners in Search of Wisdom

Release Date: May, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Vicki MacKenzie. Why Buddhism: Westerners in Search of Wisdom

Excellent For Anyone interested in Buddhism

Before I read this I was curious about Buddhism. After reading this book I was compelled to take my interest further. Through a series of interviews with reasonably well known and successful Buddhists Vicki MacKenzie's book shows us the many different ways we can choose to follow Buddhism. Some of the interviewees told of their trips to Nepal and their long retreats. Others told us how they balance buddhism living in a material world while still holding on to some of their western religious beliefs. Each interviewee also gives us a quick lesson on Buddhist philosophy and what they had gained form the practice.

I came away from reading this book with a good knowledge of the basics of Buddhist philosophy and the belief that whatever way I choose to follow Buddhism whether it be as a monk or a family man, it can help me to become a better person.

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I Think You Should Have This Book

This is a compilation of interviews with Buddhists all around the globe. But it is not written in a question and answer format. The author tells about the particular Buddhist and
then lets him or her tell their story. These are well-known Buddhists. And Buddhists who have succeeded. I know that you may know a real lot about Buddhism. And perhaps you have practiced for many years. But these interviews are good. And
I think that you will like them. Because they provide inspiration. In the old days, people could have inspiration all the time because their teachers were near. Now they travel for long periods. These stories will inspire you. Inspire you to continue. Inspire you to put your all into your practice. I really think that you should have this. Thank you.

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