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When I Find You Again, It Will Be in Mountains

by Dao Jia, Mike O'Connor, Tao Chia, etc.

Buy the book: Dao Jia. When I Find You Again, It Will Be in Mountains

Release Date: 01 November, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Dao Jia. When I Find You Again, It Will Be in Mountains

Recommended for students of Buddhist history

Chia Tao (779-843 AD) was a Zen monk who became a poet during China's T'ang Dynasty. His poetry recorded the lives of the sages, masters, immortals, and hermits who were responsible for establishing the great spiritual tradition of Zen Buddhism in China. Poet and translator Mike O'Connor does a superb job of presenting the poetry of Chia Tao in a bilingual format to a western readership. When I Find You Again, It Will Be In Mountains!: Selected Poems Of Chia Tao is enthusiastically recommended for students of Buddhist history, philosophy, and literature. Ferrying Across The Dry Mulberry River: A newcomer to P'ing-chou,/he stayed there ten years;/day and night/missing his old home, Ch'ang-an.//Then, inexplicably,/he went farther, across the Dry Mulberry;/only to look back on P'ing-chou/as home.

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A Difinitive Work

Mike O'Connor's translation of Chia Tao's works will satisfy the poet, translator and scholar alike as he weaves poetry, scholorship and translation into a tapestry of sublime beauty. The elegant poetry is filled with naturalistic imagery and delicate emotions... a journey in time and mind. O'Connor's instructive introduction sheds light not only on Chia Tao but a panalopy of Poet's and Hermits of the T'ang dynasty; unveiling the spiritual fabric of the mountain society.

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