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Third Eye

by T. Lobsang, T. Lobsang Rampa

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Release Date: May, 1995

Edition: Mass Market Paperback


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Buy the book: T. Lobsang. Third Eye

A Fascinating and Enlightening read

I have read this book many times over the years and it's one of those books that's just as good every time you read it. My father originally introduced me to Rampa's books in the early 80's and I've read every one of them. (My Dad has all the old original copies of them all) I was swept up in Rampa's world for years but actually, in the face of overwhelming evidence, now believe that he wasn't what he said he was. It's much more likely that Rampa was a very learned and wise man who learnt what he did from a western esoteric order such as the Theosophical Society or the Rosicrucian Order - both orders which are held in the highest esteem, mind you. Nonetheless, Rampa has put together an incredible and enthralling story that captivates the reader from page one. Whether he is Tibetan Lama or not is really of no consequence; he has done his job, added some enlightenment to the world, and started many people off on a spiritual journey that has lasted their entire lives and made the world a better place for it. A book that should be read by all. (As a footnote: Rampa did pass away in 1980)

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Do you believe? Doesn't matter...fascinating either way!

This author wrote a total of 19 affordable paperbacks on the topics of Tibet and the forgotten mystic abilities of mankind. You may have heard the stories about the author, that he was a "hoax", not who he claimed to be. Read the books! He openly discusses all of these accusations, and often states that because his story is so unusual, he is often disbelieved. Then, once you tire of the whole controversy regarding the author, you will still be left with a wealth of down-to-earth information about topics considered "out of this world". If you are seriously interested in the possibilites of reincarnation, astral travel, meditation, etc. but you don't want to read a bunch of New Age jibber-jabber, read The Third Eye and any other book by T. Lobsang Rampa. The author's writing style is warm and humourous, interweaving the lessons with stories from his facinating life experience. I have read and re-read all 19 of his books so I am obviously a fan...but I was skeptical at first. You will be too, because the story is unlike any you've ever heard. Never mind, whether you consider his work fact or fiction, Rampa's books are page-turners one and all. (Note: those who mentioned their wish to contact the author...unfortunately, this is not possible because he passed away in 1981.)

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