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This Side of Nirvana

by Sara Jenkins

Buy the book: Sara Jenkins. This Side of Nirvana

Release Date: March, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Sara Jenkins. This Side of Nirvana

A page turner and more

I read this book while on vacation at the beach. I usually like to read books that are page turners while vacationing and this book was that...and so much more. Sara has an uncanny ability to recall minute shifts in consciousness that are hard to put into words to begin with, let alone 15 years after the fact. For me, this book ranks up there with the likes of "The Teachings of Don Juan" in its tale of one woman's path from vague, cosmic discontent to a clear look at the patterns that have caused human beings to suffer for thousands of years. Her account of finding her teacher in Cheri Huber, a female, western Zen teacher, are marvelous, scary, tender and funny...everything a Zen teacher should be. Sara makes discovery of self (or should I say "no-self") not only seem possible but actually the most important thing we could ever do for ourselves, our families and the world.

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Accessible Spirituality

Sara Jenkins freely reveals herself as she travels her road of spiritual growth. She lets us see the joy of the journey rather than a constant focus on the destination. You don't have to practice meditation or be a Buddhist to love this book although it may inspire you to do either. This is a book for those of us who, regardless of our chosen path, are open to spiritual discovery, and I highly recommend it.

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