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The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society

by Seung Heun Lee, Ilchi Lee

Buy the book: Seung Heun Lee. The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society

Release Date: July, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Seung Heun Lee. The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society

S.U.N is rising

Using common sense, deep insights and humor, with this new book, IL CHI LEE invites ( the all world to wake up to the real 'REALITY' of the purpose of existence on the Planet Earth. With simple guidance He powerfully remind us to explore and exercise the Divinity from within each of us.
Enough wasting time 'Stuffing' the inside from outside informations. Time for information 'Triage¡¯.
What is inside naturally is all we need to Live, Sense, Appreciate, Respect, Love, Heal, trough simple actions coming from the calling of the Heart and Soul.
The KI Energy language is all we need to listen to. 'From within to out' make ourself available and productive to rebalance our surrounding in the most naturel heartfull way.(for the Planet and it's Habitants.)
He remind us the value and impact of self-discipline, right habits concept, responsibility toward our own actions, the state of physical, mental and spiritual health in order to keep and install Harmony in any given situation, and to bring a positive effect on others and incite them to do the same. He touches subjects of all aspects of 'Life'
[Birth-Growth-Survival-Relationship-Death] and He explains from all sort of view-points[Science-Phylosophy-Theology-History-Technology-Sociology-Ecology-Physical-Spiritual] to remind us the notion of not 'Define' ourself by the 'Differences' but instead by the 'Ressemblances' as being first of all a 'EARTH-HUMAN' following the Cosmic Order to care for the Body,feed the Soul,and grow the Spirit by embracing and breathing 'LIFE'entirely.
We all have the freedom and ability to choose the ultimate way to bring changes in Society's future. Some already started.
S.U.N. is rising because Enlightenment is not the end but the beginning¡¦

Thanks to you Il CHI LEE.

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This book is a must read if you want to heal yourself and the world. This book is just one of the reasons Dr. Lee is called the Grand Master. What a keeper. I can't say enought about this splendid book.I know it will be a another best seller.

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