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The Vision of Buddhism: The Space Under the Tree

by Roger J. Corless

Buy the book: Roger J. Corless. The Vision of Buddhism: The Space Under the Tree

Release Date: January, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Roger J. Corless. The Vision of Buddhism: The Space Under the Tree

The other reviews are dead on

This book is indeed one of the best introductions to Buddhism one can possibly read. Corless applies his own experience with the religion, to all of the teachings he presents in the book. Keep in mind that a lot of what is included here is explanations of the Buddhist idealogy, not anything that you can really practice.

Use this book as more of a factor in deciding if Buddhism is the right religion for you. Corless even takes the time to write some excellent footnotes, so you could even consider this book for research.

I think the reason this book worked so well for me was the fact that it was presented in such a non-threatening way that it makes the book easy to absorb. Keep in mind that careful reading is important, as a lot of chapters reference previous chapters. This is not a determent to the quality of the book, rather it is important to the building block style of teaching Buddhism that the book represents.

Buy this book as a great introduction if you have even the slightest interest in the Buddhist vision. You won't be disappointed.

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the best intro book to buddhism

I bought this book after I met Prof. Corless in an United Religion Initiative conference. He's a very witty guy with a sharp observation. This book demonstrates these qualities.

This book is amazingly comprehensive yet easy to read. I was glued to the book right after I received it. Prof. Corless structures and explaines complex Buddhist ideas in an easy and fascinating way. Definitely one of the best introduction to Buddhism because, very early in the book, he points out common mistakes Westerners make when approaching Buddhism. Since most people are influenced by mainstream Christianity, they analyze Buddhism with the wrong methodology.

Along reading the book, you will pickup small funny stories from him. His personality shines through this book.

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