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The Upside Down Circle: Zen Laughter

by Don Gilbert

Buy the book: Don Gilbert. The Upside Down Circle: Zen Laughter

Release Date: 01 December, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Don Gilbert. The Upside Down Circle: Zen Laughter

Such simple truth Such hard lessons

If you want to see what this wonderful man looks like go to my webpage and under Good People you will see his picture or if the Buddhist page is up he will be there too.

Zen Master Don Gilbert is a rare gentle soul. Not only did he write this book he did all the drawings as well. And it was and is my son Christopher who has the patience needed to help me understand what this book is trying to say. I am a tad dense at times.

As the inside cover notes: "Since the world is constantly changing, and we realize nothing is permanent, the fluid teachings of Zen are eminently adaptable to our Western world teaches".

On page 135 the author reminds us that the main character (a dog) named Unk is not so concerned with discovering Reality. As usual, he is trying to find ways to avoid it. Thus I was reminded how Zen and what I believe Christ taught are so important. Die to self. Die to ego. In doing so our eyes and ears and senses are open. And this is "Life".

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