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The Tao of Meditation

by Tsung Hwa Jou, Hwa Jou Tsug

Buy the book: Tsung Hwa Jou. The Tao of Meditation

Release Date: March, 1991

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Tsung Hwa Jou. The Tao of Meditation

Most important contribution to mind/body sanity

Jou, Tsung Hwa's book is a real gem. It appears to combine the aspects of Taoist Yoga with Buddhist Qigong. The detail is such that makes a very deep subject easy to understand and practise. These books are rare and the only one that appears to be similar but also very involved to practise is the recent Stuart Olson offering.Practioners of this form of Qigong have to be real serious about why they want to follow this as the subject is very deep and impacts the physical, mental and spiritual outlook of the practioner. If you are serious about holistic development then this is the right book to start with.

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Probably the best book on Taoism & Meditation for beginners.

This is surely one of the best books on Enlightenment, Taoism and Meditation for the beginner that I have ever seen. Although, don't get me wrong, it is a must for anyone interested in these subjects. It gives many new insights, all with a clear explanation. The author gives out the goods on enlightenment and why meditation is so important. He describes the subject with a westerner's scientific point of view and equates enlightenment as the understanding of Reality Without Time (to see as a fourth dimensional being can see). To perceive all time in one moment. He gives the reasons why meditation is the best vehicle to understanding and spells everything out with sound logic. There is a thorough guide to meditation, with basic instructions on Chi Kung exercises, transfer of Ching to Chi (Lien Ching Hwa Chi), transfer of Chi to Shen (Lien Chi Hwa Shen) and Proceed from Shen to Void (Lien Shen Hwan Shiu). This book is truly full of many grand arguments, wise sayings, stories and is a vast source of inspiration. I highly recommend it.

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