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The Rampa Story

by T. Lobsang Rampa, T. Lobsang Rampa

Buy the book: T. Lobsang Rampa. The Rampa Story

Release Date: 01 July, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: T. Lobsang Rampa. The Rampa Story

Get real!

I'm a Buddhist. I took my refuge vows from a tulku. I've meditated for decades. I am sorry to write this review, but feel I must.

I rate this book one star because I can't rate it lower and submit the review. I've read Lobsang Rampa's books and heard his tapes. He has no standing among Tibetan religious schools. He's a Brit that's been around for years duping people who are not informed about Tibetan Buddhism.

If you want to learn about true spirituality and authentic Tibetan Buddhism, get a book by the Dalai Lama. Amazon.com has lots of them. You will feel the difference!

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Want to find out what occurred after Doctor from Lhasa...

To me this represents essential reading for those who seek to follow the life of Lobsang or for those who were left wondering what happened next! Cruelties of the world abound but never have I read of one suffering the fate of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - a fate which would have seen most of us to our graves in far less a time. After reading this - you might want to review the word 'civilised' and see if it really applies to the human race!

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