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The Roots of Buddhist Psychology

by Jack Kornfield

Buy the book: Jack Kornfield. The Roots of Buddhist Psychology

Release Date: March, 1996

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: Jack Kornfield. The Roots of Buddhist Psychology

Emasculated Spirituality

At one point in this tape set, Kornfield warns that the path of peace is not a path of emasculated spirituality. Unfortunately, his whining, artificial, NPR-esque voice has already alerted the listener that in his case, it just might be. . . I was familiar with Kornfield through his book, "A Path With Heart," which is an excellent read. I was expecting this tape set to be similarly 'enlightening.' It is not. The tapes deal sparingly with what Kornfield terms 'Buddhist psychology'; they deal at great length with various New Age concerns and Kornfield's attachments to certain residual 60's fancies. Kornfield occasionally quotes from Buddhist masters; he more frequently quotes from his apparent heros, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and the author of "Children's Letters to God." My impression from this tape series is that Kornfield is quite hung up on his pet causes and that he is using the mantle of Buddhism to promote his own beliefs. For California Buddhists, this series may be IT, but for anyone seeking the genuine article, I'd suggest you look elsewhere.

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wonderful, wise and compassionate teacher at his best

Wholeheartedly recommend these tapes by Jack Kornfield. He is a very wise teacher, and these tapes have kept me company through the ups and downs of my own spiritual practice. A wonderful, erudite but grounded collection of teachings.

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