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The Golden Laws

by Ryuho Okawa, Ryuho Laws of Gold Okawa, Kofuku No Kagaku (Organization)

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Release Date: 15 October, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ryuho Okawa. The Golden Laws

Past, Present and Future of Humankind

I have never read a book so detailed in its contents about the history of humankind. I felt as if I was time traveling through each historical period of the great philosophers and learning of their spiritual teachings. Not only does the author describe history, but also speaks clearly about the future ahead for humankind as well. I highly recommend this book to people of all ages!

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History of mankind will make sense after reading this book.

I was astonished by the contents of this book. It's more like revelations of the whole plan for the humankind on Earth along the time - past, present and future. I felt as if I was reading a volume from a huge library in higher dimensions, having access to information not available on Earth, where we took part on the process of making history unaware that everything has a purpose and mission. This book is definitely boundless. I loved to look down on Earth from a place where time seens to be more like a coil instead of a line and see how the history of philosophy in the Western world was unfold, from Hermes to Plato to Hegel to Rousseau. Then I was able to see how the Gods in the Eastern world created such a great picture. Finally, when I thought it was done, my trip was just starting - first class in a flight into the future, from the year 2.000 to 3.000 and onward. Astonishingly great!!! A must read to everyone who believes there is a purpose of being alive on Earth in this specific time. Philosophy, History and Time will never be the same after reading this volume. I also highly recommend "The Laws of the Sun" and "The Laws of Eternity" from the same author, which are the other two books of the trilogy.

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