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The Garden: A Parable

by Michael Roach

Buy the book: Michael Roach. The Garden: A Parable

Release Date: 15 February, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Michael Roach. The Garden: A Parable

The Garden. A parable

This incredible book was written not only by a learned scholar of Tibetan Buddhism, but by one who has obviously experienced realizations of the path. In this book Geshe Michael provides us with all of the information we need to embark upon the same spiritual journey, and to experience its magical results. If this whets your appetite for more, he also has created a series of correspondence courses which provide even more elucidation of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. (not a money making scheme-these course are free to those who cannot afford them) These are available through the Asian Classics Institute. If you like this book, try also Santidevas "Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life"

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One Stop Shopping

Geshe Roach summons some of the great Masters of Tibetan Buddhism, but offers extremely little background information about them for the reader whose knowledge is limited. At the same time, his descriptions of the teachings (and the plot) seem to be geared toward the novice. So, for whom was this book written?

If you are an intermediate student of Tibetan Buddhism, you probably will find the storyline to be too simplistic for your tastes - you may find yourself thinking, "Get to the point!" On the other hand, you will enjoy witnessing the appearance of the great Masters and re-visiting the Dharma. If you are a beginner on the path, you may find yourself asking, "Who are these guys, anyway?" as the Masters enter the Garden. However, you will welcome the wisdom they bring with them (and you have the names with which to begin your research!).

So, I gave this book four stars, not because of the writing style, but, rather, because it offers "one stop shopping" for some of the most important teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and the names (and, perhaps, personalities) of the men/Bodhisatvas who presented them to the world. For this, I say "Thank you Geshe-la!"

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