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The Dhammapada: The Path of Truth

by Rose Kramer, Balangoda Ananda Maitreya, Ananda Maitreya

Buy the book: Rose Kramer. The Dhammapada: The Path of Truth

Release Date: November, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Rose Kramer. The Dhammapada: The Path of Truth

Dhammapada, as translated by Venerible Maitreya into English

Translations across time are very difficult. Ven. Maitreya's translation, with the aid of Rose Kramer, of the Dhammapada into modern English is a first of its kind; translating meanings more than words. This effort is near perfection. The Dhammapada is truly the most important of Buddhist manuscrips for it contains most accuratly the original teachings of Gautoma, sage of the Shakya Clan, also known as Gautoma Buddha or simply, Buddha, in reference to his understanding or enlightenment and as the historical founder of Buddhism. The practice of Dhammapada, or the path into understanding or enlightenment is simple: After reading the text through a time or two, continue a daily practice (barring hinderences) of reading one chapter one day, the following chapter the next, and so on, over and over; the depth of wisdom revealed with each concurrent reading builds, and insights revealed multiply, exposing themselves over time, layer by layer. Eventually, as understanding mounts, peace becomes a natural way in this lifetime, and the one of diligent practice is rewarded in the effort. Peace to You my Friends. osh yukchan

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The Dhammapada : the wisdom of Buddhism

The Dhammapada is the essence of Buddism as taught by Buddha. This translation by Ven. Maitreya's translation, with Rose Kramer, is perfect one.

Anyone who wants to understand the wisdom of Buddhism should read this version, which has been translated by one of the most respected monks of all time!

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