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Stumbling Toward Enlightenment

by Geraldine A. Larkin, Geri Larkin

Buy the book: Geraldine A. Larkin. Stumbling Toward Enlightenment

Release Date: October, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Geraldine A. Larkin. Stumbling Toward Enlightenment

Accessible Zen

I knew Larkin in her pre-Zen days and during the early "what-am-I-doing-in-a-Zen-temple" days too. I worked with her and edited a good deal of her business writing. The thing that always struck me then and struck me again as I reviewed the advance copy of "Stumbling. . ." is that she always finds a way to make the deepest, most profound points in a down-to-earth, accessible way. Even if you are not "Zen" yourself. . . if you are a seeker, or are new to spirituality, this is the book on Zen that you want to read. Larkin is above all honest. She gives you herself, the genuine article, with no window dressing. And what she is - what she gives you - are wit and openness and forthright, hard-won answers. She weaves personal stories and humor into the message and eventually you come out at the back cover realizing that while Zen may be profound, it need not be stuffy or unapproachable

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Inspirational Guide to Spiritual Practice

Larkin's stumbling is a helpful, down to earth book about the pitfalls and joys associated with Zen practice. Filled with stories from her monastic days as well as her days a lay practitioner, this book is an excellent guide and an enjoyable read. I recommend it.

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