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Sit: Zen Teachings of Master Taisen Deshimaru

by Taisen Deshimaru, Philippe Coupey, Denise P. Wong

Buy the book: Taisen Deshimaru. Sit: Zen Teachings of Master Taisen Deshimaru

Release Date: May, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Taisen Deshimaru. Sit: Zen Teachings of Master Taisen Deshimaru

Don't sit it out...

One of his best works. Glad I bought it, it has all his fundamental philosophy and practice, plus his view of Dogen.

While having reading the "Shobogenzo" by the latter which is beautiful but tedious, this work has a much more modern and pragmatic application. I recommend it to anyone who is searching for zen practice who wants to live it instead of ruminate upon it like another koan.


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The Look of the Buddha

Here, from Taisen Deshimaru, who helped to bring Buddhism to Paris from the Orient, comes a unique teaching of Soto Zen. Philip Coupey, one of his most ardent students and translators, has compiled this book of teachings from Deshimaru's seshins near the Loire Valley in France. Deshimaru had the look of the Buddha when he sat in zazen, and his teachings reflected a deep wisdom and understanding of the cosmos which is in more our bellies, less our minds.

John Stevens, currently a Buddhist Monk in Paris, knows Monsieur Coupey and attends and helps with the seshins regularly, even though Deshimaru has passed away. While Mr. Stevens is not in this book, his example of selflessness, his sense of humour, and his dedication to zazen as outlined here by Deshimaru, has led me to this wonderful book of zen wisdom.

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