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Soka Education

by Daisaku Ikeda

Buy the book: Daisaku Ikeda. Soka Education

Release Date: July, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Daisaku Ikeda. Soka Education

Don't believe a word he says

Ikeda is skilled at stating obvious platitudes. He is the leader of the SGI cult which professes to be a humanistic religion but is in truth a machine that grinds out worshippers of this ragingly insecure man who has made mega millions from his fanatical followers.

Spend your time on meditation and donate the money you would spend on this book to the needy.

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Illuminating Insights for School Reform

Daisaku Ikeda is a prolific author who presents a Buddhist perspective on a vast array of topics. His message is that people have boundless creative potential for bringing about positive change. His works are always uplifting. Soka Education is no exception. It offers clear guidelines for educational reform. The focus is not on pedagogical strategies, but on fundamental issues such as the purpose of education, the qualities of great educators, causes and solutions of teen violence, and the need to foster global citizens. Where teachers, administrators, politicians, and parents apply the wisdom of this book, schools will become more humane places and young people will blossom.

The Japanese term "Soka" means creative, contributive living; Soka Education is education that empowers students, enabling them to lead happy, fulfilled lives. Ikeda objects to using schools to serve nationalistic or corporate ends. Japan did so throughout the past century, and is now suffering the consequences. To counter that trend, Ikeda has founded "Soka schools" in Japan (kindergarten through university) and elsewhere that are characterized by joyful, enthusiastic students; wise, affectionate teachers; and a prevailing belief that every student has a unique and important role to play in the world. I have visited many of those campuses; no experience has ever given me greater cause for optimism about the future.

The current thrust in the USA is to gear instruction toward raising standardized test scores. This is a step away from placing students' interests and needs first. In Soka Education, Ikeda calls for "a society that serves the essential needs of education." In contrast to this notion, American society, with politicians leading the fray, heaps blame and abuse on teachers. What's worse, the schools most in need of support-inner-city schools, for example-come under the harshest attacks. To counter the dark, conservative mood that holds sway in the USA and other countries, hopeful, practical prescriptions are needed. Soka Education provides these in abundance.

To take one example, Ikeda discusses the problem of juvenile delinquency. While the phenomenon results from an erosion of human bonds characteristic of our age, he says, educators can connect, life to life, with troubled youngsters and lead them on a path toward creative, rather than destructive, living:

"If these bonds are severed, the human spirit can only roam aimlessly in the pitch darkness of solitude. . . . It is the responsibility of adults to patiently restore the ability to communicate by listening to the voices of isolated children calling out for help from the darkness. There is a famous episode involving Socrates in which his influence on youth is described as being like an electric ray that stings those who touch it. He explains that he can electrify others because he is electrified himself. Similarly, teachers must constantly be creative if they are to evoke creativity in their students. This is an essential quality for educators. Most important is the teacher's attitude. Human interaction is the key" (pp. 74-75).

A sample of chapter titles: Reviving Education, Serving the Essential Needs of Education, Education Toward Global Citizenship, An Outspoken Advocate of Educational Reform, Humanity in Education, The Fight to Live a Creative Life.

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