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Responses to 101 Questions on Buddhism

by John Renard

Buy the book: John Renard. Responses to 101 Questions on Buddhism

Release Date: September, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Renard. Responses to 101 Questions on Buddhism

All You Want to Know about Buddhism

Renard has a PH.D in Islamic studies from Harvard University, and previously wrote Responses to Questions on Islam and Hinduism. He knows what he's talking about!!! The book opens with 101 specific questions that are divided into 9 interest areas: Beginnings, Development, Doctrines, Law and Ethics,Spirituality, the Humanities, Relationships to Other Traditions, Women and Family and Buddhism Now. A chart of major Buddhist lineages, as well as a select glossary of Buddhist technical terms, are both helpful. A detailed Index will enable the reader to find specific information quickly. Renard has written a scholarly and useful book. If you have questions about Buddhism, this is the book for you!

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An informative, reliable, engaging overview.

Responses To 101 Questions On Buddhism is a concise introduction to Buddhism that covers its major historical, cultural, spiritual and theological facets. Arranged in brief, "reader friendly" and thematically arranged segments, Responses To 101 Questions On Buddhism covers the origins and early sources of Buddhism, Buddhist doctrines, cultural and intellectual contributions, Buddhism's relationship to other religions, women and family in the Buddhist tradition, and much more. John Renard's informative and engaging text is enhanced with helpful charts, graphs, and illustrations. Responses To 101 Questions On Buddhism is highly recommended for the western reader seeking an informative and reliable overview of Buddhism in terms of its history, philosophy, and contemporary practices.

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