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Sacred Threshold: Rituals and Readings for a Wedding With Spirit

by Gertrud Mueller Nelson, Christopher Witt

Buy the book: Gertrud Mueller Nelson. Sacred Threshold: Rituals and Readings for a Wedding With Spirit

Release Date: April, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Gertrud Mueller Nelson. Sacred Threshold: Rituals and Readings for a Wedding With Spirit

Sacred Threshold - A review

This well-written guide is a must for all prospective brides and grooms and for their families as well. The authors take a refreshing and decidedly spiritual, yet nonsectarian, approach to the institution of marriage. While generally Christian in their viewpoint, they are careful to include attitudes, traditions, and writings from other religions and from the secular world as well. The reader is lovingly taken through each of the events that surround the wedding ceremony and step by step through the ceremony itself, and the meaning of each portion is given clearly and concisely. The authors emphasize the inclusive nature of the wedding ceremony. Like a good mystery novel, the book is difficult to put down once it is started. The one risk is that the reader, once having absorbed the authors' lessons and values, may decide to jettison some of the supposedly traditional, yet superfluous, outdated, and costly, trappings that seem to have accreted onto many present day weddings. The result, however, will be a marriage ceremony, pared of nonessentials, which will be both more meaningful and moving for all who are present. My wife and I found this book invaluable as we, our daughter, and her fiancé prepared for their wedding, and I truly wish that it had been available for our own.

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way too christian

The text on the back flap of the book implies that this book is perfect for people of all faiths who want to have acknowledge the spiritual importance of a wedding. What I didn't realize when I bought it was how Christian it is! There are many beautiful passages, and I may find some of it useful, but there's a heavy bias that is ignored on the summary!

By the way, I'm not actually a 12-year old reader! .........

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