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Primordial Experience: An Introduction to Rdzogs-Chen Meditation

by Manjusrimitra, Namkhai Norbu, Kennard Lipman, etc.

Buy the book: Manjusrimitra. Primordial Experience: An Introduction to Rdzogs-Chen Meditation

Release Date: 11 December, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Manjusrimitra. Primordial Experience: An Introduction to Rdzogs-Chen Meditation

A Must-Have for Your Atiyoga Library

This book contains the 157 verses by Manjusrimitra describing the experience of the state of pure and total presence which was revealed to him through the first human rDogs-chen master, Garab Dorje.

But the commentary for some of the verses reveal that there is inadequate understanding. For example, verse 122 which reads:

"The ways of overcoming (limitations), the facets (of pure and total presence), the four forms of ever-fresh awareness of the alikeness (of everything),, which are undisturbed (by negative conditions), are known in this (practice)."

The commentary reads:

"The four forms of ever-fresh awareness that thoroughly grasp teh fundamental alikeness (that characterizes) the ultimate content of what is and that are are conditioned by any obstacles; the thirty-seven facets of pure and total presence; the ten ways of overcoming (limitations), etc.; and that which is positive for an individual (relatively speaking), as well as all the positive qualities that belong to the level of the ultimate goal, are known quickly through the reflexive flash of knowing that gives awareness it quality, and brought together in the teaching of the true sense of cultivation".

Another point which I would like to point out is that it is better to read the 157 verses, think about them before reading the commentary. Do not agree with the commentary blindly.

Overall, this book provides good information about rDogs-chen philosophy.

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Perhaps the Best Primer on rDzogs-chen Meditation

This book is the result of pain-staking efforts in converting a work of Manjusrimitra. The preface describes what was carefully thought of to make it a book in plain English.

It shines from others in that it also points out misconceptions by so-called experts/practitioners. There is so much rubbish out there (especially on the Internet) that one would be easily be thought incorrect ideas.

The book includes the edition of the Tibetan verse text at Appendix 1. This is good in that I think it shows confidence that it is a good translation.

It also sheds some light on Yogacara and Madhyamaka philosophy and also pointing out differences in some key ideas.

If you want a no-nonsense book on rDzogs-chen, this is it! Read this before you read any other rDzogs-chen book.

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