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Nothing Special : Living Zen

by Charlotte J. Beck

Buy the book: Charlotte J. Beck. Nothing Special : Living Zen

Release Date: September, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Charlotte J. Beck. Nothing Special : Living Zen


A while ago somebody mentioned a quote by Joko Beck, and I felt that the quote was quite wrong. This started a discussion thread, in which I've tried to defend my assertion that her views are unfair. Eventually, and because the participants were defending her fiercely, I was forced to read, and re-read her books. So you can imagine how biased I was. "I'll show them how wrong this lady is..." was my primary intention.

Miraculously, and much to my surprise, I was transformed by her prose into a huge supporter. This kind of thing never happened to me before!

So, from the mouth of a disbeliever: read this book! It is excellent, one of the best ever.

This book should be read in conjunction with "Living Zen". I don't know which book is actually better. When you get to the end of both of these books, you wish that there is more, although she kindly said much more than needs to be said.

I bow deeply to Joko Beck.

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Thank you to the previous 5 reviewers!

This is one of the best books I have ever read, and I have the thoughtful people who recommended it to thank. Joko Beck's straightforward, no nonsense approach makes Zen practice a day-to-day, moment-to-moment experience that truly changes the way you see yourself and the world, but ONLY if you work diligently. I love the way she refuses to promise a blissful, enlightened life, yet engages you to strive for pure joy, whether happy OR sad. I am now looking forward to reading Everyday Zen!

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