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Mindfulness and Money: The Buddhist Path to Abundance

by Kulananda, Dominic J. Houlder

Buy the book: Kulananda. Mindfulness and Money: The Buddhist Path to Abundance

Release Date: 24 December, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Kulananda. Mindfulness and Money: The Buddhist Path to Abundance

Kulananda and Houlder have a winner here!

This book is surprisingly easy reading,and lots of fun to read.
It flows like a river gently to it's final conclusion: "The Path of Abundance-can be easily achieved without money or joining in the rat-race of to=days commercial world."
Kulananda and Houlder are both people who have been highly succesful in their fields,both as entrepeneurs,and teachers and students of Buddhism
They observe that in the West,no matter how much we have,it is never enough.
That the pursuit of wealth for it's own sake,causes much tension and anxiety.
Instead they offer us "The path of Abundance",to counter to-days stress and anxiety.
The path is based on five Buddhist precepts.
Kindness,Generosity,Contentment,Honesty,and Awareness.
These teach us to earn and spend creatively,and to live peacefully with or without money.
The easy to follow path,described with the aid of actual and concrete examples from people interviewed in all walks of life,show how,with the aid of Meditation,and simplicity,we can all lead a hapy stress free life,leaving behind:
"Things,possessions,harmful anxieties,and un-necessities".
The Authors show us how we can set ourselves free to live with our life's true purpose.
Like Kulanandas previously 5 starred book,"Principles of Buddhism",it is a wondrfully accessible book,and highly recommended.

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