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Lust for Enlightenment: Buddhism and Sex

by John Stevens

Buy the book: John Stevens. Lust for Enlightenment: Buddhism and Sex

Release Date: December, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Stevens. Lust for Enlightenment: Buddhism and Sex

Funniest sex stories ever about the Buddha

This book has the funniest sex stories about the Buddha Shakyamuni, and stories of other characters. Very simple language, and easy to read. Red thread of passion, or our desires, are the driving force of our lives, our fire. So Lust for Enlightenment is not too far from HOW_IT_IS_NESS! Also this could be a great bed time stories for the kids.

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a very good book

Just for the record, my real name is D. Green. Now about the book...

This book was like nothing I have seen before on the subject of Buddhism. With that said, let me say that Stevens, even though he is a Westerner, has done a heck of a job breaking down the romanticized stereotypical Western view of Buddhism. What I mean is that, the author looks past the trendiness and glamour that is often associated with Buddhism and its followers in the west.

Stevens orchestrates a look into the uncovered side, the not so tready and not so glamorous side of the religion. He uncovers the reality. Buddhist nuns and monks indulging themselves in wild acts of passion. The common "Temple illnesses." Zen monks, their famous courtesans, and the children they fathered. The wild sex lives of past Dali Lamas. And even the sex life of the historical Buddha (of course, before he realized his Buddha nature). Its all within these pages. But do keep in mind that this is only a review.

What Stevens' also does, which is as equally important, in addition to uncovering the truth, is provide just explanations
to why all these things happened. The Book reminds readers that nothing is never as it appears to be, which oddly enough seems to be very apart of the Buddhist prospective and belief system. Thus, making this book an important read for any one who is a Buddhist (especially Western Buddhist) or anyone who is remotely interested in the religion/philosophy.

I would not be surprized if this very book is banned in certain parts of the world. ...

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