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401. Kalachakra Tantra: Rite of Initiation
by Bstan-'Dzin-Rgya-Mtsho, Jeffrey Hopkins, Dalai Lama, etc.

402. Kindly Bent to Ease Us: Mind
by Herbert V. Guenther, Klon-Chen-Pa

403. Kindness, Clarity, and Insight: The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso
by Jeffrey Hopkins, Dalai Lama, Bstan-'Dzin-Rgy

404. Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents (The Little Light of Mine Series)
by Sarah Conover, Valerie Wahl

405. Knee Deep in Grace: The Extraordinary Life and Teaching of Dipa Ma
by Amy Schmidt

406. Knowing, Naming and Negation: A Sourcebook on Tibetan Sautrantika
by Anne Carolyn Klein

407. Knowledge and Liberation: Tibetan Buddhist Epistemology in Support of Transofrmative Religious Experience
by Anne C. Klein

408. Kuan Yin: Myths and Revelations of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion
by Martin Palmer, Jay Ramsay, Man-Ho Kwok, etc.

409. Kuan-yin
by Chun-Fang Yu

410. Kukai and His Major Works
by Yoshito S. Hakeda, Yoshita S. Hakeda, Kukai

411. Kundun: A Biography of the Family of the Dalai Lama
by Mary Craig

412. Lady of the Lotus-Born: The Life and Enlightenment of Yeshe Tsogyal
by Gyalwa Changchub, Namkhai Nyingpo

413. Land of No Buddha : Reflections of a Sceptical Buddhist
by Richard P. Hayes

414. Landscapes of Wonder: Discovering Buddhist Dhamma in the World Around Us
by Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano, Bhikkhu Bodhi

415. Las Cuatro Nobles Verdades
by Bstan-Dzin-Rgya-Mtsho, Xiv Dalai Lama, Elvira Heredia, etc.

416. Lessons of the Lotus: Practical Spiritual Teachings of a Traveling Buddhist Monk
by Bhante Y. Wimala, Dalai Lama

417. Letters to a Dying Friend: Helping Those You Love Make a Conscious Transition (Quest Books)
by Kern Foundation, Anton, Ph.D. Grosz, Dalai Lama

418. Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be: Lessons on Loss, Change, and Spiritual Transformation / Lama Surya Das
by Lama Surya Das, Surya Das

419. Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand: A Concise Discourse on the Path to Enlightenment (Spiritual Classics)
by Pha-Bon-Kha-Pa Byams-Pa-Bstan-Dzin-Phrin-Las-Rgya-Mtsho, Trijang Rinpoche, Michael Richards, etc.

420. Light on Enlightenment: Revolutionary Teachings of the Inner Life
by Christopher Titmuss

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