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Immortality & Reincarnation

by Alexander David-Neel, Alexandra David-Neel, Jon Graham

Buy the book: Alexander David-Neel. Immortality & Reincarnation

Release Date: May, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Alexander David-Neel. Immortality & Reincarnation

Not up to author's usual high standard

The author is at her best when she recounts the adventures, both mundane and spiritual, that she encountered during her amazing life and travels. When she expounds on spiritual teachings and doctrines, she is not so skillful.

Given the brevity of the book, one can hardly expect a complete and systematic exposition of the views on the topic of immortality and reincarnation found in China, Tibet and India. Still, the work is so idiosyncratic and choppy that it will be of limited value for anyone seeking an introduction and overview of the teachings and insights offered by these diverse cultures. That is unfortunate, such a work is much needed.

Yet, with these limitation in mind, this work does offer some value for the discerning reader.

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Important insight into various interpretations of what it me

Important insight into various interpretations of what it means to be immortal,covering Tibetan and Indian beliefs. Alexandra David-Neel seems, to me, to be not only scholarly but also truly spiritual in her approach to this question of what it means to be re-incarnated. The work is intended for serious seekers. It is inspiring, and provocative. It does not set out with any agenda other than to give Westerners a glimpse into the mind of the oriental. It gives no comfort or answers. This , to me, represents its greatest value.

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