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Instinct for Freedom: Finding Liberation Through Living

by Alan Clements, Alan Clements

Buy the book: Alan Clements. Instinct for Freedom: Finding Liberation Through Living

Release Date: September, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Alan Clements. Instinct for Freedom: Finding Liberation Through Living

Instinct for Freedom

Alan Clements new release is A MUST READ !! for anyone who considers themselves living the dharmic path.
I found it riveting in places and a genuine page turner.
Reaching deep into the core of my compassionate nature,I shed tears for all my 'brothers and sisters' of this planet who have suffered and endured tyranny. I have also been touched by the stories of how they overcame their plight with higher wisdom applied ... as in ... spirit in action.
This book is an inspiration to all people living in a 'free land'
and a show of honor to all those others living a life under the threat and/or reality of NO FREEDOM.
Alan Clements is a voice to be heard and honored.
Order it NOW.

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A gift for all to share

Through courageously sharing his own life experiences, Alan Clement's book "Instinct for freedom: Finding Liberation Through Living" adds a wonderful perspective on how we can affect our destiny. In reading Instinct for freedom, I am reminded that the "acts of compassion" through our daily acts of courage and love, truly define our humanity, our strength, our oneness.

In our own Quest for freedom the awakening to our true self, it is ever more apparent how important that the freedom of all people comes into play. Instinct for freedom is a beautiful contribution in a time when the need for hope, courage and compassion is so purposeful......Highly recommended!

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