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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything: A Workbook

by Cheri Huber

Buy the book: Cheri Huber. How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything: A Workbook

Release Date: June, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Cheri Huber. How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything: A Workbook

not a professional, but....

I am not a psychology or counseling professional, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am an artist who earns a living as a technical support rep so I value both the creative and the analytical processes. I found that this book appealed to both.
As one who is always looking for creative outlets, ways to relax, and learning tools. I own many journals including SARK's. I feel like this is SARK bigger, better, and uncut *grin*. It has been a ton of fun to fill out each page and has helped me to catch some patterns I was unaware of in the process.
Located currently in Utah, religion can be a hot topic all the time. The last thing I want is a religion introduction masquerading as a journal/workbook. This book does not harp on Buddhism or any other religion. So if you are shying away because of that, don't. I just happened to pick it up off the shelf and had no idea the background until I read about the author.
Relaxation, thought, insight, fun, creative outlet, record of you....this book is that and more. All that and its cheap too! If youre hesitating on the purchase, I can tell you its worth the money and time.

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A must for every therapist

As a working counselor, I am constantly searching for therapeutic tools and this workbook is currently my favorite resource. Even though Huber explains the causes of suffering from the Buddhist perspective, you don't have to be Buddhist to appreciate the theory behind the exercises. In using the exercises, a person may cut and paste, draw, paint, color, or write their responses. By encouraging such creativity in responding, a person can express themselves in a wide variety of media, rather than just the normal verbal medium which dominates counseling. In the book, Huber truly covers many issues including relationships, self-esteem, holidays, emotional health, death and grief, and so much more. I recommend that every therapist in practice would benefit from using this book not only in their work with others, but also in working on their own issues. I return to it time and time again in order to feel centered and focused as a person and professional.

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