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Gates to Buddhist Practice: Essential Teachings of a Tibetan Master

by Chagdud, Chagdud Tulku

Buy the book: Chagdud. Gates to Buddhist Practice: Essential Teachings of a Tibetan Master

Release Date: 17 September, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Chagdud. Gates to Buddhist Practice: Essential Teachings of a Tibetan Master

A sobering, thoughtful, inspiring presentation

Now available in a newly revised edition, Chagdud Tulku's Gates To Buddhist Practice: Essential Teachings Of A Tibetan Master offers the reader a firm grounding in Buddhist principles, illustrated with many anecdotes from the Tulku's native home of Tibet. Tulku is a meditation master, artist, and healer who has continued to travel and teach in both the East and the West; the questions he encountered while teaching form the basis to the revisions of this new edition. Gates to Buddhist Practice is a sobering, thoughtful, inspiring presentation that covers numerous aspects of Buddhism in depth, from karma and Bodhicitta to preparing oneself for death. Strongly recommended for Buddhist Studies reading lists and reference collections.

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A great read for both newcomers to Buddhism and scholars

Those who love reading books by the Dalai Lama and Sogyal Rinpoche will enjoy the clear, insightful writing of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. Newcomers will love the simple prose and delightful stories from old Tibet and modern America. Those who have read much of the American literature, will appreciate the simple, subtle references to the many dimensions of Tibetan Buddhism. This book is a favorite which I read and re-read, always finding more sustenance.

Those who are interested in bringing a non-violent and humanistic approach to world problems, will love Chagdud Tulku's willingness to bring the benefits of the Tibetan Buddhist approach to daily life at home and in the world. I work with law students and lawyers who are trying to bring a non-violent approach to a profession weary of aggression and the old ways. And, I assign "Gates of Buddhist Practice" to law students of all faiths. It is fascinating to watch how Chagdud Tulku talks about Tibetan Buddhist tools for cultivating compassion, skillfulness and wisdom. While he uses some Buddhist terminology, his tone is open and inclusive. It serves as a "gateway", itself, into ecumenical dialogue. In these times in which so many conflicts find their roots in misunderstandings among religious perspectives, this skillful and wise approach is sorely needed.

I can't imagine a better book to give to a friend or to buy for yourself. (Put this book under the tree for yourself!) I hope that you will find much joy, solace and understanding in this book, as I have..........And, I hope that you, too, will hear the greatest gift of this book, which is between the words on each page..the love of a great spiritual master.

In this so-called introduction into Tibetan Buddhism, we learn from a great wisdom tradition about the contours of human consciousness and we come away lighter and refreshed.

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