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Emptiness Yoga: The Middle Way Consequence School

by Jeffrey Hopkins, Joe B. Wilson

Buy the book: Jeffrey Hopkins. Emptiness Yoga: The Middle Way Consequence School

Release Date: September, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jeffrey Hopkins. Emptiness Yoga: The Middle Way Consequence School

Helpful for understanding emptiness meditation

Although, I had only a beginners understanding of Tibetan Buddhism before I read this book, I felt myself easily acquainted with the analytical methods discussed in "Emptiness Yoga." Hopkins is able to elucidate complex philosophical and experiential topics concerning the meditative practices of Tibetan Buddhism so that anyone with a good philosophical background or an acquaintance with meditation will be able to gain a more profound understanding of emptiness. My only criticism is that I often felt myself being tantalized by what appeared, at least on closer inspection, to be over-simplistic analytical tools. Though, this is perhaps more a problem with the subject matter than the writer. I had always envisioned Tibetan Buddhism to be more experiential and subtle in its understanding of cause and effect and emptiness. Yet, perhaps further complexity is not within the scope of this book. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Buddhism or in attaining a more profound understanding of emptiness.

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Enormously beneficial.

The essential text for Westerners interested in the Pransangika view of emptiness. Covers profound topics while maintaining clarity of prose.Best for those with some familiarity with Buddhist philosophy, but educational for beginners as well.

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