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Diamond Mind: A Psychology of Meditation

by Rob Nairn

Buy the book: Rob Nairn. Diamond Mind: A Psychology of Meditation

Release Date: 13 March, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Rob Nairn. Diamond Mind: A Psychology of Meditation

Gets to the essence

I've been meditating for a couple of years and it has unquestionably changed my perspective but I could never have put the reason for it into words. Diamond Mind presents a bright, uncluttered look at the process of meditation that not only rang true in the context of my experience but also pointed out directions for future growth. Nairn uses language borrowed from western psychology (without the jargon and psychobabble) to explain the process and the essence of the meditative experience and I found it extraordinarily powerful.

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Clarifies the mental process of meditaion into laymens terms

Rob Nairn has written the handbook on how to meditate. He cuts through all the extra fill and gets to the core of the mental process. This is a simple and easy book to read. You need not have any background in psychology or eastern thought. If you ever wanted to try meditation and just can't seem to find the right book, try Diamond Mind. Even if you just want to improve your mental skills, his directions are clear and simple. What he offers us will change our lives. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wonders just exactly how do you meditate. Diamond Mind will simply and elegantly answer those questions.

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