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Dharma Beads: Making and Using Your Own Buddhist Malas

by Joanna Arettam

Buy the book: Joanna Arettam. Dharma Beads: Making and Using Your Own Buddhist Malas

Release Date: September, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Joanna Arettam. Dharma Beads: Making and Using Your Own Buddhist Malas

Humble bead kit made in China

Enough beads for making 3 small wrist malas (carnelian, an oddly colored tiger's eye, and an unfragrant sandalwood) are included in this very basic kit, along with an 80-page book that lightly touches on the history and use of malas, and beads in general. The photos and graphics are pleasant, but there is far less depth of information in this book than I was hoping for. A few mantras are included (along with some suggested affirmations) but not many, and the instructions for making the malas are so basic that if you've ever done any beadwork at all you could easily figure it out yourself. No information is included on using ornate knots for closing, or how to include a traditional tassel, and, in fact, the closure used for these three malas makes use of a specialized bead with an extra half-hole 90-degrees out from the usual holes -- I've searched but cannot find any more of these "mother beads" or "guru beads" out there so I don't know what use learning this method really is (unless you're going to drill your own). And, in fact, one of the three mother beads I got was very badly drilled and was useless.

I did learn a few interesting facts, and the chapter on the properties of various stones was perhaps the most useful. As well, I gained three very basic home-made malas (one with a mother bead I provided myself, tied off in a different manner than suggested), but overall this book and kit was a disappointment.

For those devoted to the Tibetan cause, it should be noted that the book and kit are made in China.

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Enjoyable Little Book / Kit Combo

Considering you can buy Malas from to...this is a worthwhile kit with book. You make 3 very nice Malas out of carnelian, tiger's eye, and sandalwood. Amazon's price is excellent (I purchased this for tax from a local bookstore). I think it's a nice gift idea.

From Amazon.com

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