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Buddhist Wisdom for Daily Living

by Christopher Titmuss

Buy the book: Christopher Titmuss. Buddhist Wisdom for Daily Living

Release Date: September, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Christopher Titmuss. Buddhist Wisdom for Daily Living

Guide to an Enlightened life

This delightfully inspirational volume conveys the essentials of the Buddhist way with a natural grace and simplicity that speaks the heart of this path.
The author spent six years as a Buddhist monk in India and Thailand and now serves at Gaia House in England as a teacher in the international Buddhist retreat which he co-founded.
Buddhist wisdom outlines with loving clarity how the Eight Fold Path may be adapted to guide the seeker through the experiences of everyday life.
Each chapter provides a clear introduction to its topic and then proceeds to expand and explain the particular teaching of the Buddha within its lesson. The reader may be led through practical steps to implement the teaching, or find a clarifying definition of requisite 'right action,' or the basic Four Noble Truths.
Not only does Titmuss guide the reader through meditation, 'right-livelihood,' mindfulness, and the other core components of the Buddhist path, he graces his teachings with exquisite meditations for contemplation.
In addition to the teachings so lovingly presented, the book itself is a visual treat of text placement, soothing color-coding, joyful and calming photographs.

If you are ready to tread the path of Buddhist wisdom to enrich your life, this mindful work will provide a kind and compassionate companion. As Titmuss points out, "You need to touch the source of your existence, " and that begin with a path, a journey to its roots and wisdom.

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