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Buddhism Plain and Simple

by Steve Hagen

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Release Date: 29 December, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Steve Hagen. Buddhism Plain and Simple

The first accurate understanding by an western person

There are already many English books about Buddhism way of thinking written by Japanese and western authors. But many of them describe only the history and facts of Buddhism and repeat old Asian style puzzling logic that is not valid for the modern mind. This is the first English book I have read that describes the genuine meaning of Buddhism in simple words. Simplicity is not elementary. It is true understanding. The only regret is that this book still insists much on liberation from anguish and less on the creative and positive side of Buddhism.

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i read this book with two or three misconceptions about Buddhism, but this book dealt with that problem and more.
basically, I thought buddhism is a pagan religion, and that it is indeed a religion. that the followers of Buddhism are most likely to be silent people, or wishing to live in complete solitude. But truthfully, that all is contrary to the real buddhists, and some who practice it right now are misinformed/created their own ideas about a religion even older than Christianity. a religion that is not a religion, but more of a philosophy. that makes you be here now, and not there, nor forward.
the book is brilliant for a simple and plain view, but very well written that makes you want to go into deeper reading.

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