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Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand

by Osel Tendzin, Donna Holm, Chogyam Trungpa

Buy the book: Osel Tendzin. Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand

Release Date: June, 1987

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Osel Tendzin. Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand

Surprise, surprise, Sir Prize ...perhaps...the PRIZE!

This very surprizing (sorry!) book by a very contraversial author is a true prize. Maybe it had to stay hidden like Terma Teaching until the right time in His Story.

I have read a lot of Tibetan Buddhist texts but this one seems to put it together in a modern, understandable, workable form.

Thank you, Osel Tendzin. Such a shame you had to die in the attempt.

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Buddah in the Palm of Your Hand

So many books on philosophy and religion talk "at" the system rather than offering a hands on real life feel. Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand is one of the rare books that leaves you feeling like you have something to actually go with in a practical sense...not just another idea to ponder and let your head go crazy with...no pedantic BS here! This easy to read book leaves you with a sense of peace and purpose. It also helps to de-complex a system that people have managed to make more complex than was intended. Loved it

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