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Buddhas of Burma

by Jean-Pierre Grandjean

Buy the book: Jean-Pierre Grandjean. Buddhas of Burma

Release Date: October, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Jean-Pierre Grandjean. Buddhas of Burma

Pointless Waste of Time

While a few of the photos may do justice to the majesty of the sites in Myanmar (burma) this book is a travesty. It contains no useful academic information. It contains little in the way of description. It doesn't contain enough quality photographs to be considered a good coffee table book (despite its pocket size). Thank goodness I've been to Burma to see these, otherwise I might be fooled into thinking this was a useful book to own or recommend to others. Don't waste your money or time (all 35 seconds of flipping through it).

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Not what you might expect

This is a book of photographs. But that is where the accuracy of the description supplied by the publisher stops. If you want a SMALL book of unclear photos, that is fine. If not, forget it. First - the titles implies you are getting photos of Buddha images - in fact there are very few of these. The blurb implies you are getting a useful and interesting work. You are not. There is no information at all on the sites and the single page of text seems to have been knocked together with no thought to context, content or purpose. You have no idea from the book itself where any of the photos were taken. This is a sad waste of effort and Shambala should be ashamed of themselves.

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