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Ask the Awakened: the Negative Way

by Wei Wu Wei

Buy the book: Wei Wu Wei. Ask the Awakened:  the Negative Way

Release Date: 01 April, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Wei Wu Wei. Ask the Awakened:  the Negative Way

When the Dreamer Wakens.....

this is a rich and beautiful collection of short essays, quotes, and commentaries regarding the glorious "path" of nondualist realization. the mysterious Wei Wu Wei shares wondrous bits of the highest wisdom from his own understandings and insights but also quotes liberally from taoism, zen, vedanta, buddhism, and other more obscure sources. this vital collection includes over 100 short pieces, some a page or two, some only a paragraph. we know little about the "author". we know he spent time with the great ramana maharshi in india before ramana died. however, the author's own high realization shines through as he beautifully developes his "negative way" theme in this great book. for the reader interested in giving up his self in favor of his Self, this grand collection offers much to ponder, numerous fingers pointing at the moon. if we think, however, that finally these wise sayings will enlighten us while we retain ego and selfish interests, we will enjoy a good read but still not get the message: "there is no path. the image is misleading - for there is nowhere to go and no one to go anywhere. there is only looking in the right direction...no one does it, nor is anything done..." I highly recommend you get the book. its beyond the understanding of the rational mind, but these pithy koan like sayings may very well move us a little closer to the real. a little closer to seeing we are no thing. a little closer to a clear view of the void. a little closer to finding the key to the gateless gate. a little closer to realizing the greatest secret of them all.

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Most people are probably not ready to read this book (not trying to be arrogant here) or will not see much sense in it. But for serious students of adavita, this book is a jewel. Ramana Maharashi and Nisgardatta Maharaj were the true sages of our time but their written material may not directly appeal to our 'advanced' logical and technological mind. It's just too true to appeal to us. This book, however, does a fabulous job of explaining the unexplainable. Other books that are written for the 'modern' time are by Ramesh Balseker. Read Maharashi's Talks or Maharaj's "I am That' or any books by Wei Wu Wei or Ramesh Balseker if truth is what you are after. Remember the first thing these guys will tell you, however, that your seeking truth is the problem. You ARE the truth. There is nothing to gain or loose. When there is no light or darkness, you are. When there is neither hate nor love (love as known by modern humans), you are. In fact, when there is no dualistic AND non-dualistic worlds, you are. You are during the gaps in your thoughts. You are 'subjectivity' - not a subject neither an object. Anything you think you are, you are not (neti neti). ANY thing that could explain the truth is an illusion. There is no subject that could understand the truth as an object. Everything is a concept (humans, earth, love, nirwana, samsara, liberation, suffering, universe, technology, progress - anything) and concepts are not real. They are illusions. Of course all of the above is a concept and hence unreal.

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