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An Invitation to Practice Zen

by Albert Low

Buy the book: Albert Low. An Invitation to Practice Zen

Release Date: December, 1989

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Albert Low. An Invitation to Practice Zen

Fine practical instructions, so so theory

If you want a practical handbook on sitting zazen, then this is it. This book is inexpensive, clearly written, brief and to the point on every issue it deals with, and written by someone who knows what it is he is dealing with. As such it is probably the best book of it's kind you can buy. My only reservation is that the author occasionally delves into metaphysical speculations about the meaning of Zen experience. This is dangerous, because it involves the intellectual interpretation of something that, as every great Zen master has said, cannot be adequately conceptualized. As such, the theory give here should be taken with a grain of salt, or ignored altogether. Fortunately, the theory itself is a brief and minor flaw in a book that is otherwise a faultless jewel. Buy it, and sit zazen today.

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fine introduction to zen practice

This is a good little book introducing Zen practice. The introductory chapters offer a concise overview of Buddhism and Zen Buddhism. Basic concepts like faith, doubt, mindfulness and awareness are clearly explained. The mechanics of meditation from sitting, how to place the hands, etc. are well done. This latter section is reminiscent of Philip Kapleau's Three Pillars of Zen because the author studied under Kapleau. Overall, a solid book to give novices who want to clarify some points and just get started.

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