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366 Readings from Buddhism: The Global Spirit Library

by Robert Van De Weyer

Buy the book: Robert Van De Weyer. 366 Readings from Buddhism: The Global Spirit Library

Release Date: January, 2000

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Robert Van De Weyer. 366 Readings from Buddhism: The Global Spirit Library

Inspirational daily guide

The Global Spirit Library is publishing in my estimation a vital source of world religion reference books. Understanding the philosophy of religions other than those one was raised to believe is so important now that our world is melding and frictions are heating up.
The 366 Readings from Buddhism, for example, is one title in this series that presents serious and thought provoking daily lessons from many authoritative Buddhist teachers. Each entry is translated into lucid English, and for all its simplicity, begins a profound awakening. Each reading can be used as a focus of daily meditation and study.
This is not a "Buddhism for Dummies" or self help new age pseudo tract. This is a scholarly guide to the spiritual tenets of an important world religion that people of all or of no beliefs can use to explore the basic questions of why we live, and how we can achieve peace within.
The format is elegant, the binding well executed and the book a perfect size to hold in one's hands. I read this book every day and admire it more and more.

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