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A Buddhist Bible

by Dwight Goddard

Buy the book: Dwight Goddard. A Buddhist Bible

Release Date: April, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Dwight Goddard. A Buddhist Bible

Good words, bad book

I agree with most of the other reviewers have said here, "A Buddhist Bible" is a good introduction to Buddhist scriptures. Unfortunately this book itself isn't quite worthy of the material it holds...within a few days of beginning to read it, the spine started cracking and a few of the pages, especially in the middle, began to fall out! Really gives you the feel of reading an ancient manuscript when it starts falling apart on you...

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Where we all started

I read this anthology for the first time when I was sixteen years old, which is much longer ago than I care to elaborate on. At the time, I thought it was electrifying. The book no doubt was one of my inspirations for taking up Oriental Studies in college.

I lost my original copy years ago, no doubt the victim of a book sale, and I finally purchased another one about five years ago. While I still value the book, I realize now just how eccentric Goddard was in his choice of material that he included. He chopped up many of the pieces that in the book, deleting many portions and rearranging the parts that he left in. A lot of the texts that he did include are not very readable, in my opinion. And why is the Dao De Jing in a book of Buddhist scriptures?

In short, I think that there's a lot of other good stuff out on the market now, and this book has been eclipsed. The would-be Buddhist enthusiast will find little in this book to show her what contemporary Buddhism is like. However, I guess that one has to start somewhere, so perhaps there is still a market for this book.

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