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241. The Tibetan Buddhism Deck: Buddhas, Deities, and Bodhisattvas
by Priya Hemenway

242. The Tibetan Dhammapada: Sayings of the Buddha - A Translation of the Tibetan Version of the Udanavarga
by Gareth Sparham, Dharmatrata, Blo-Bzan-Rgya-Mtsho, etc.

243. The Vampire, 1920 and the Life of Buddha and Its Lessons, 1912
by Henry S. Olcott

244. The Vision of Buddhism: The Space Under the Tree
by Roger J. Corless

245. The Vision of the Buddha: An Illustrated Guide to the History, Beliefs, and Practices of Buddhism
by Tom Lowenstein

246. The Voice of the Buddha: The Beauty of Compassion (Translation Series)
by Lalitavistara Sutra, Gwendolyn Bays

247. The Way to Buddhahood: Instructions from a Modern Chinese Master
by Wing H., Dr. Yeung, Master Yin-Shun

248. The Wisdom of Buddha (Wisdom Library)
by Citadel Press

249. Tibet: Buddhas, Gods, Saints
by Clara B. Wilpert, Maria Angela Algar, Dalai Lama

250. Tibetan Buddhism
by L. A. Waddell

251. To See the Buddha
by Malcolm David Eckel

252. Touching the Earth: Intimate Conversations With the Buddha
by Thich Nhat Hanh, Thich Nhat Hanh

253. Vision and Transformation: An Introduction to the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path
by Sangharakshita

254. Way of the Buddha 1914
by Herbert Baynes, Herbert Baynes

255. What Book: Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop
by Gary Gach, Peter Coyote

256. What Is the Dharma?: The Essential Teachings of the Buddha
by Sangarakshita, Sangharakshita

257. What the Buddha Taught
by Walpola Rahula

258. What Would Buddha Do at Work? 101 Answers to Workplace Dilemmas
by BJ Gallagher Hateley, Franz Metcalf

259. What Would Buddha Do?: 101 Answers to Life's Daily Dilemmas
by Franz Aubrey Metcalf

260. When Did the Buddha Live?: The Controversy on the Dating of the Historical Buddha
by Heinz Bechert

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