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The Gospel of Buddha

by Paul Carus, Olga Kopetzky

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Release Date: February, 1991

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Paul Carus. The Gospel of Buddha

The Simplest place for Christians to start with Buddhism....

Although this is a really old and linguistically dated, for a variety of reasons this is the simplest place for a person familiar with the Gospels to begin an inquiry into the life of the Buddha (as opposed to Buddhism as a religion generally-- which is much to broad for this book to cover in its just over three hundred pages....) For a book that is almost one hundred years old, its author did a remarkable job of summarizing the sutras that detail the life of the Buddha and in providing charts, etc. such that Christians would grasp that yes, this man was teaching many of the same things as was the man who taught in their Bible.....

This is a good place to learn about the Buddha's life. However, a person versed only in this book would not be familiar with most of the forms of Buddhism as they were actually practiced-- it would be difficult to identify HOW Zen of Pure Land or Vajrayana Buddhism came to be having just this little book much in the same wasy it would be impossible to determine how Christianity had changed and developed throughout time having only the record provided in the New Testament, or Judaism having only the Pentatuch.....

For those acquainted with Buddhist literature, this book is vaguely similar in content to the Digha Nikaya ("The Long Discourses of the Buddha") in that both are trying to portray how Buddhism, or the thought and teachings of the Buddha were portrayed at the time of his life as opposed to any kind of philosophy, etc. which developed later (the Mahayana stuff). For those interested in this stuff, I would advise books by Robert Thurman (there are a number) and D.T. Suzuki (again, the same) as the easiest to understand in regards to Indian and Tibetan forms and East Asian and Zen forms respectively.

I highly recommend this book....

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This version of Gospel of Buddha lacks illustrations.

This is a nice book for Christians who wish to grasp the message and principle beliefs of Buddhism. Carus presents the Buddha's life in a collection of stories from his birth, attainment of enlightenment, teaching, to his death. Well written, it emulates the biblical style of the King Jame's Bible, occasionally puncuated with Ye, Thou, Thy, and so on. The stories are enjoyable but short and somewhat numerous. Also included is a glossary of terms and a concordance with passages in the New Testament. This edition has been reset and lacks the original intricate illustrations by Olga Kopetzky. The pages of the book were also stragely scented. I bought this to have a hardcover version but prefer the Open Court copy made from the original plates.

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