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181. The Buddha in the Robot
by Masahiro Mori, Charles S. Terry

182. The Buddha in Your Mirror: Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self
by Ted Morino, Greg Martin, Woody Hochswender

183. The Buddha Nature: A Study of the Tathagatagarbha and Alayavij~nana
by Brian Edward Brown

184. The Buddha Nature: Death and Eternal Soul in Buddhism
by Dalai Lama, Bstan-Dzin-Rgya-Mtsho, Bstan-'Dzin-Rgy

185. The Buddha Pack
by Gill Farrer-Halls

186. The Buddha Smiles: A Collection of Dharmatoons
by Sharon Salzberg, Sylvia Boorstein, Mari Gayatri, etc.

187. The Buddha The Body and the Reason Why? : Why meditate?
by Robert Leshin, JoAnna Falco

188. The Buddha's Ancient Path
by Piyadassi Thera, Piyadassi

189. The Buddha's Art of Healing : Tibetan Paintings Rediscovered
by John F. Avedon, Fernand Meyer, N.D. Bolsokhoeva, etc.

190. The Buddha's Book of Daily Meditations : A Year of Wisdom, Compassion, and Happiness
by Christopher Titmuss

191. The Buddha's Golden Path: The Classic Introduction to Zen Buddhism
by Dwight Goddard

192. The Buddha's Path to Deliverance: A Systematic Exposition in the Words of the Sutta Pitaka
by Nyanatiloka Thera

193. The Buddha: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introduction: Religion and Theology)
by Michael Carrithers

194. The Buddha: Writings on the Enlightened One
by Tom Morgan, Lama Surya Das, Glen Allison

195. The Collected Works of Chögyam Trungpa, Volume 3 : Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism - The Myth of Freedom -The Heart of the Buddha - Selected Writings
by Carolyn Gimian, Chogyam Trungpa

196. The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Samyutta Nikaya
by Bikkhu Bodhi, Bhikkhu Bodhi

197. The Cult of Nothingness: The Philosophers and the Buddha
by Roger-Pol Droit, David Streight, Pamela Vohnson

198. The Dhammapada : The Sayings of the Buddha
by Thomas Byrom

199. The Diamond Cutter : The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life
by Geshe Michael Roach

200. The Diamond Cutter : The Buddha on Strategies for Managing Your Business and Your Life
by Geshe Michael Roach

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