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Reiki and the Healing Buddha

by Maureen J. Kelly

Buy the book: Maureen J. Kelly. Reiki and the Healing Buddha

Release Date: 01 January, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Maureen J. Kelly. Reiki and the Healing Buddha

Valuable Buddhist reference

~~~This is a superb book to read in conjunction with Richard Blackwell (Lama Yeshe)'s book Medicine Dharma Reiki. The association of Reiki with the tradition of the Healing, or Medicine, Buddha is even more precisely outlined there.

Despite what one of the reviewers says about Reiki and Buddhism, Maureen Kelly and Richard Blackwell both draw on documents from Reiki's founder, Mikao Usui, and extensively note his teachings in establishing and expanding this connection. Maureen Kelly carefully~~~~ goes through secondary sources on his teachings; Richard Blackwell is fortunate to have primary sources that he translates from the Japanese. He adds his own commentary as well.

This is an outstanding book on its own; I just wanted to mention its connection to this second volume. Both are great books to read together; each is outstanding on its own merits-- spiritual and textual-- as well. I am a Yogi, not a Reiki practitioner, but I have had Reiki and my practitioners all love this book: it~~ enhanced their knowledge and gave them a structure for their own practices.~

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In the Dark Age prophesied by Buddhist and Hindu traditions, false teachings will multiply exponentially, and the ability of beings to discriminate between gold and compost will atrophy in a frightening manner. This book validates this world view.
Whatever the realtive merits or demerits of Reiki might be, it is abhorrant that anyone would co-opt the profound and sacred teachings from the Tibetan tradition to serve their own ends. Not only is there no historical, scientific or traiditonal basic for any kind of "Reiki" in the Tibetan or Indian Buddhist systems, but trying to validate the Reiki system by association shows a remarkable lack of basic ethical development. It is an incredible insult to millions of Buddhists worldwide.
The kind of delusional associations and frankly bizarre connections that the author tries to make are done without even the least scholarship, and apparently without consultation with any Lamas from any Tibetan tradition. From another tradition, Gurdjieff says that there is no greater demerit than leading others astray, spiritually. Buddhist teachings have even more heavy things to say about spiritual charlatanism.
Why dont you leave Buddhism alone and do your own misguided thing without contaminating and misrepresenting valid systems of cultivation and transformation?

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