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Quietly Comes the Buddha: Awakening Your Inner Buddha-Nature

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Karen Y. LeBeau

Buy the book: Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Quietly Comes the Buddha: Awakening Your Inner Buddha-Nature

Release Date: 01 October, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Quietly Comes the Buddha: Awakening Your Inner Buddha-Nature

get to know the buddha within

ok, i just found this book, what was it, about 3 days ago, and i couldn't put it down for the first chapter through! It's enjoyable to see buddhist teachings presented in a unique and useful way for someone like me, who wants to change, not just to read something for the intellectual sound it makes in my mind but for the way it connects my heart with truth. It contains, meditations, reflective poems, teahings on the 10 Perfections, which are THE KEY teachings of the Buddha. I'm the kind of person who loves to see connections and how this teaching or mystery (or whatever) fits with that, so i love the way the author shows here and there how other religious ideas support Buddhism. Finally, the personal style in which it is written makes you feel like you're back in ancient India sitting at the Buddha's feet!! Well, i guess by now you get my opinion. ;)

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A hodge-podge of spiritual cliches

I read a few reviews of this book before purchasing it. I was interested in increasing my understanding of the Buddha-Nature, which is a profound Buddhist concept. For anyone who is looking for Buddhist teachings, this book is a big disappointment. Not only does it skim the surface of the concept of Buddha-Nature, it contains all kinds of pseudo-Christian and other theistic references, such as Mother Goddess, chakras, Yahweh, Jesus, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. I would characterize it more as a New-Agey feel-good and basically confused presentation of the Ten Perfections of Buddhism.

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