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Buddhism in China

by Kenneth Kuan Sheng Ch'en

Buy the book: Kenneth Kuan Sheng Ch'en. Buddhism in China

Release Date: 01 April, 1972

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kenneth Kuan Sheng Ch'en. Buddhism in China

Excellent Introduction to Chinese Buddhism

I checked this book out from the library on a whim and I've been very pleasantly surprised. Professor Chen offers a highly readable account of historical buddhism in China and does a fine job introducing the most important figures and schools. This book will be of interest to anyone who would like to learn how buddhism developed in China and how it both influenced and received the influence of the other important Chinese philosophies, especially Daoism and Confucianism. I haven't finished it yet but I can already offer my almost unconditional recommendation. There are a few minor drawbacks of note:

1) he wrote the book in 1964 and this is the 1973 printing. The historical information is still valid, as far aas I know, but unfortunately romanization has passed him by--the book uses the now largely defunct Wade-Giles romanization system.

2) More maps would be helpful, especially since early dynastic kingdoms played such an important role in the integration of Buddhism into Chinese culture.

3) thankfully, he does provide the Chinese characters for the Chinese language sources, but these are buried in an appendix and it is distracting flipping back and forth. It would be far more user-friendly if he would provide this information in the text, or at least in a footnote, for the first time he cites it.

But these are minor complaints--I have truly enjoyed reading this and urge any others interested int his topic to dot he same. I will definitely read his other book: The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism.

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this book is very enlightening, analytical thought.

very good.

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