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61. Buddha: Life and Work of the Forerunner in India
by Grail Foundation Press

62. Buddha: Radiant Awakening
by Jackie Menzies

63. Buddha: The British Museum
by Delia Pemberton

64. Buddha: The Intelligent Heart (Art and Imagination Series)
by Alistair Shearer

65. Buddhas and Kami in Japan: Honji Suijaku as a Combinatory Paradigm
by Mark Teeuwen, Fabio Rambelli

66. Buddhism Being a Sketch of the Life and Teachings of Gautama Buddha 1877
by T. Rhys Davids

67. Buddhism for Beginners: A Complete Course on the Heart of the Buddha's Teachings
by Jack Kornfield, Eli Jaxon-Bear

68. Buddhism in China
by Kenneth Kuan Sheng Ch'en

69. Buddhism in the Modern World

70. Buddhism--A Modern Perspective
by Charles S. Prebish

71. Buddhist Pilgrimage
by Duncan Forbes

72. Buddhists Talk About Jesus Christians Talk About the Buddha
by Rita M. Gross, Terry Muck

73. Build a Better Buddha: The Guide to Remaking Yourself Exactly as You Are
by James Robbins

74. Curators of the Buddha: The Study of Buddhism Under Colonialism
by Donald S. Lopez

75. Dhammapada
by Irving Babbit, Guatama Buddha

76. Dhammapada : The Sayings of Buddha
by Thomas Cleary

77. Dhammapada: Wisdom of the Buddha
by Hariscandra Kaviratna, Dhammapada. English, Pali, etc.

78. Disciples of the Buddha
by Zenno Ishigami, Zen'o Ishigami

79. Discoveries Wisdom of the Bud Dha
by Jean Boisselier

80. Do Buddhas Go to Heaven? the Evolution of the Soul in Myth, Science and Religion
by Bob Myer

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