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Buddha Mom: The Journey Through Mindful Mothering

by Jacqueline Kramer

Buy the book: Jacqueline Kramer. Buddha Mom: The Journey Through Mindful Mothering

Release Date: 31 March, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Jacqueline Kramer. Buddha Mom: The Journey Through Mindful Mothering

Amazing book for a mom of any faith!

This book is a must have for mothers from all walks of life. Her insights have given me strength and encouragement. Like many good buddhist books it can complement many faiths.Any mom struggling with returning to work or staying home with there child will greatly benefit from ths book.

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Spirituality for moms

I am new to Buddhism, and really ended up with this book out of trying to fill a spiritual void and to calm some of my motherly guilt. Well, the void isn't filled and the guilt isn't gone, but I AM closer after reading this book. It combines the precepts of Buddhism with everyday stories, which is so much easier to absorb than some of the other Buddhism books I have been reading, particularly when it's the end of the day, you're exhausted, and only have time and/or energy for a few pages. Jacqueline Kramer is a single mom with a now-grown daughter, and she never tries to make you believe her life is/was perfect, but rather gives you some positive outlooks and ways of coping with the stresses that we all face as parents, and how her spirituality continues to be her guide. I found it very inspiring, and also a great introduction to Buddhism. I only wish there were more books like this!

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