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41. Buddha Laughing : A Tricycle Book of Cartoons
by Tricycle Magazine

42. Buddha Mind
by Sangharakshita

43. Buddha Mom
by Jacqueline Kramer

44. Buddha Mom: The Journey Through Mindful Mothering
by Jacqueline Kramer

45. Buddha Nature
by Kon-Sprul Blo-Gros-Mtha-Yas, Arya Maitreya, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, etc.

46. Buddha of Infinite Light : The Teachings of Shin Buddhism, the Japanese Way of Wisdom and Compassion
by Daisetz T. Suzuki

47. Buddha Stories
by Demi

48. Buddha Sutra
by Torkom Saraydarian

49. Buddha Tarot
by Milner Place, Robert M. Place

50. Buddha's Law Among the Birds
by Edward Conze

51. Buddha's Lions: Abhayadatta's Lives of the Eighty-Four Siddhas (Tibetan Translation Series)
by James B. Robinson, Abhayadatta

52. Buddha's Little Instruction Book
by Jack Kornfield

53. Buddha's Nature : A Practical Guide to Discovering Your Place in the Cosmos
by Wes Nisker

54. Buddha's Teaching
by Lord Chalmers, Lord Chalmers

55. Buddha, Marx and God: Some Aspects of Religion in the Modern World
by Trevor Oswald Ling

56. Buddha, Truth and Brotherhood
by Dwight Goddard

57. Buddha: The Gospel and the Word

58. Buddha: Father of Buddhism
by Anna Carew-Miller

59. Buddha: His Life and Teaching
by Walter Henry Nelson

60. Buddha: His Life, His Doctrine, His Order
by H. Oldenberg, Hermann Oldenberg

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