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Buddha and Jesus: Conversations

by Carrin Dune, Carrin Dunne

Buy the book: Carrin Dune. Buddha and Jesus: Conversations

Release Date: September, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Carrin Dune. Buddha and Jesus: Conversations

a simple, clear comparison of Buddhism and Christianity

I love this little book for its simplicity and clarity, as well as for the warm conversational voices of the two characters. Using the literary device of an imagined meeting between Buddha and Jesus (and ignoring the time/space warp such a meeting would have entailed), this text, written like a dialogue, finds the common ground and highlights the differences between the philosophies and teachings of these two great spiritual teachers. Other texts may go deeper, but this one has much charm and provides an excellent window into the two traditions of Buddhism and Christianity.

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Engaging, Thought Provoking

This book represesnts a refreshing exploration of the principal doctrines behind Christianity and Buddhism. Each conversation is set in the style of a Socratic Dialog, and can at times be a little tough to get through. The book never promotes one tradition over another, yet it seeks rather to find similarities and build on those. That having been said, it is also far from the best book in the genre. In the author's zeal to marry the traditions of Buddhism with Christianity she waters down both to such a degree that one might come away thinking that theological and philosophical principles can be entirely summed up by the list of over-used quotes in the back of the book. For a real discussion on this subject that does more than merely scratch the surfaces of both traditions and offers real insights instead of the same banal clichés try reading one of Thich Nhat Hanh's books instead.

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