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After the Absolute : Real Life Adventures With A Backwoods Buddha

by David Gold

Buy the book: David Gold. After the Absolute : Real Life Adventures With A Backwoods Buddha

Release Date: 10 September, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: David Gold. After the Absolute : Real Life Adventures With A Backwoods Buddha

Richard Rose Speaks The Truth

I have been studying metaphysics and philosophy for quite a while with many powerful teachers. Rarely do you find a teacher like Richard Rose who so unflinchingly tells the truth. While many believe pursuing a life of bliss is the answer, Richard confirms my experience that life is often struggle and hard work. And it is only by going into those dark places, which he apparently was a master at creating for others, do we recover our wholeness and humanity. It is sad that some have chosen to slam this work for their own purposes. I don't know anything about organizations and all that, but I do know that Richard Rose spoke the truth as recorded by David Gold.

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One Star For Memetic Self Promotion

This book is also for review at the writers SKS promotional website where business and writing have mutated into self promotion.

Two young guys from very middle class upbringing were seduced in thought and possible practise by a man who is now an invalid, all
coming together shortly after Woodstock, Altamont, Vietnam and the era of so called metaphysical self discovery.

This is not Wittgenstein's Poker with Popper and Ludwig W. meeting head to head at Cambridge but a tale of much lesser metaphysicians and philosophers and a sad tale of commune like life.

It is sad that the writer and his cadre of supporters did not spend greater time at one of the great Universities for the study of Philosophy (Univ. of Pittsburgh) hbefore imbarking upon a journey which has lead them to a Hegelian like self promotion.

For no other reason, this book may be read to understand how to turn a wierd and sickening experience into self promotion.

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