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Thich Nhat Hahn book: Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames

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Review of murugs from United States

An outstanding book which speaks direct to heart

I felt very enlightened after reading this book in a single sitting. Anger is basically a book which shows us how we can apply the great principles of Buddhism to solve our emotional and spiritual problems. Author Thich Nhat Hahn clarifies abstract and intricate points in a story telling way that speaks direct to heart. I learnt many practical ways to combat my anger and shows a "Mindful way of life" in which we can be very joyous and productive. In short, dont hesitate to read this book. Reading this book is like listening to Buddha in person. You will feel sense of exhilaration and peace in getting a glimpse of great but simple truths of life. Author Thich Nhat Hahn deserve more than five stars. Great work. Dont miss it.

Review of petersmaclean from Prince Edward Island, Canada


As a counsellor I have seen first hand how people react when tragedy and loss invade our lives. First we weep, we grieve and then that grief often gives way to anger. It is okay to feel all those emotions; it is part of human nature. What is important is that we deal with our emotions in a positive, constructive manner. Violence leads to more violence, hated breeds more hate, revenge does not bring us true happiness.

Thich Nhat Hanh has been a Buddhist monk since the age of sixteen and has written hundreds of books aimed at helping us deal with the trials and tribulations of day-to-day living. This particular book focuses on anger and quelling the raging fires within. No doubt, there are many fires burning within many citizens around the world as a result of the horrendous terrorist acts in America. Reading this particular book will not resolve the world's problems; it does, however, have the potential to help the reader deal with anger. Anger can be one of the most powerful, all-consuming, self-destructive emotions known to mankind if not dealt with in a constructive manner. It has destroyed relationships and divided countries. Left untethered, it eats away little by little at the soul and very core of our being.

Thich Nhat Han is a learned, compassionate man who has the ability to make people see the positive light in virtually every situation. This book is no exception. He reminds us that anger begins and ends with ourselves. Nhat Hanh has the ability to take a complex situation, wrap it up with a bow and deliver it to us as a saving grace. His words of wisdom will help soothe the ravaged soul. Also recommended reading by this author are "Peace is Every Step", "The Heart of Buddha" and "Teachings on Love"; all are five-star books, highly recommended and well worth reading.

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